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Batching / Filling / Bagging
Batching / Filling / Bagging
The system consists of storage hoppers where the raw materials are stored for batching / bagging. A suitable feeding arrangement is fitted to each storage hopper for feeding the material. The feeding arrangement is capable of fast and slow feeding as per the control outputs. A weigh hopper is provided just below the storage hoppers for weighing the raw material fed from the storage hoppers. The weigh hopper is provided with a gate arrangement for holding and discharging the material.
In a batching system the output from the weigh hopper is sent to the production process either by gravity or by use of a conveyor. In a filling / bagging system the output from the weigh hopper is fed into a container or a bag by gravity. A special mechanical arrangement for holding the container or clamping the bag is also provided.
The load cell signals are fed to an Electronic controller fitted in a control panel. The controller displays the weight of material in the weigh hopper. All batching / bagging parameters are entered through the front panel keys.
To start the batching / bagging operation, the operator has to put the system into Auto mode. The coarse output is given for fast feeding till the weight in the hopper reaches coarse set weight. Then the Fine output is given for slow feeding till the final set point is reached. The above process is repeated for all the raw materials.
On sensing a discharge input, the system discharges the material from the weigh hopper. Once the material is fully discharged the system is ready for another batching / baggin operation.
The total number of batches / bags and the total quantity batched / bagged are all stored in the controller and displayed by pressing the FUNC key. These values can be reset by the operator as and when required.
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