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Batch Supervision System
Batch recipes are stored in a central PC. The production schedule is also created in the PC on a daily basis. A number of front-end terminals are networked to the PC through RS485 serial communication. Each terminal is linked to one or more weigh scales through serial interface. Depending on the item to be produced, the terminal shows the next raw material to be added and the quantity to be added.
The operator has to add the particular raw material as per the displayed quantity and then register the weight. If the raw material weight is not within tolerance then error messages are displayed accordingly. Once the weight is within tolerance the data is recorded in the PC and the next raw material to be weighed is displayed.
In case more than one weigh scale is connected to the terminal then the weighscale to be used for the current weighment is also indicated by the terminal. Once all the items in the recipe are weighed the message "Batch Over" is displayed.
To ensure that the right material is added, additional features like Bar code identification, Bin locking arrangement and Visual indication of over / under weighment are also available.
Batch wise mixing report and Raw material consumption report can be generated based on collected data. System very useful for traceability purpose and also for tracking the exact raw material consumption.
Wherever manual mixing of various raw materials in pre-defined quantities are required Batch supervision systems are useful. System finds its application in Brake Linings, Pharma, Food, Aromatic and Detergent industries.
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