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Conventional Crane weighing systems are battery operated and suspended from the crane hook for sensing the weight. We provide fixed type crane weighers where the electronics is mounted permanently on top of the crane and operated using the crane power supply. The equalising pulley is supported by load cells using suitable mounting assembly.
The load cell mounting assembly is designed to prevent overload / tranverse loading of the load cell as well as lift-off protection. As the operating temperature is high, suitable temperature protection is also provided.
The Load cell Signal Conditioner in an IP 65 enclosure is also fitted on the CROSS TRAVEL. The 4-20 mA current signal corresponding to the load is taken to the Main control Panel via a shielded cable.
The Digital Weight Indicator is mounted in a control panel together with power conditioners / battery backup. The control panel is fixed on the LONG TRAVEL of the crane. It communicates with the Jumbo Display through RS 485 Serial Interface. The Jumbo Display shall have visibility over a distance of 75 meters and above.
A rope weight compensation unit is optional to compensate for any variation in weight during up and down movement of the crane. A pendant display for the crane operator with ZERO & TARE push buttons is also optional.
This type of Crane weighing systems are ideally suited for foundries where molten metal is handled. The effect of high temperature is minimized in this system as the electronics and the sensor are installed at a distance from the material handled.
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