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Weighment Recording System for Stores
Intelligent terminals with Alphanumeric LCD display, a numeric 6 digit LED display and an alphanumeric keyboard are provided in the Stores section. One or more weigh scales with serial port can be connected to each terminal. One or more such terminals are connected to a central PC. A software developed in Visual basic is run in the PC.
Whenever a material is received at stores, the operator enters the raw material code and the supplier details. Then he has to choose the weigh scale to be used for weighing the item and register the weight. The collected information is communicated and stored in the PC. For every receipt the terminal can generate LOT No., GRN No., etc. Label slips for every receipt can also be printed from the terminal.
As an extension of the system, the terminal can also allocate storage location for the raw material received, based on predefined rack locations. In such a case the raw material issue to the production process is also possible through the system which ensures consumption of the oldest stock first. (FIFO)
The receipt and consumption of raw materials can be totally brought under control by using the system. System finds its application wherever raw materials are purchased and consumed based on weight.
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